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Pet Insurance

Veterinary medical care in the 21st century can be as sophisticated and advanced as human medicine. Veterinary care uses state of the art monitoring, diagnostic, surgical and anesthesia equipment or even referral to specialty hospitals to successfully treat your pet's illness.

Because state of the art medical care can translate into unplanned expenses, we at Jefferson Park Veterinary Clinic highly recommend Pet Insurance for your beloved companion.

Did you know that pet insurance is very affordable?

In fact, our doctor and some of our staff carry pet insurance for their pets for those unforeseen large expenses for their pets' health care.

Monthly premiums can be as low as about $25 for accident, illness and injury major medical type policies.

We can assist you and your pet with your pet insurance needs.

A few pet insurance companies are:
PetPlan Pet insurance
Purina Care
TruPanion - a Major Medical type insurance
Veterinary Pet Insurance (VPI) Major Medical

We encourage you to research pet insurance online.
  • Read comparison articles and ratings.
  • Learn about pre-existing conditions, benefit schedules, percent reimbursement, is there an age limit for enrollment.
  • Most importantly, ASK the question: will my pet insurance company drop coverage for my pet's new illness the next time I renew my policy.
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