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Wellness & Preventive Care.

Annual Health Examinations
Vaccinations & Microchipping
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Puppy/Kitten Packages
Health Certificates

Geriatric Evaluations & Senior Wellness

As your pet ages, his or her veterinary medical care needs change. Our pets are considered to be "Senior" at 6 to 7 years of age.
The goal of our Senior Wellness Protocol is to prevent problems and diagnose diseases early, so that your pet can live a long, happy, healthy life. We will specifically tailor diagnostic testing to screen for conditions that commonly develop in an older pet.
Because our pets tend to hide their symptoms from us, we recommend yearly to twice yearly Wellness Examinations, Blood work with Urinalysis and Diet Evaluation. Early detection is the key.

Senior wellness

Affordable Dental Care

Affordable Dental Cleanings

In order to properly perform a dental cleaning or procedure anesthesia is needed. Please make an appointment for a dental exam and estimate for a routine ultrasonic teeth cleaning for your pet.

Preventative Dental Care:

You know the old saying, "An Ounce of Prevention"…  

You can use several methods to keep your pet’s teeth clean.  We can help you by pointing out problem areas to focus on.


We offer several dentistry services:
            -Routine ultrasonic cleaning and polishing
            -Periodontal disease treatment
            -Tooth extractions
            -X-rays to access diseased teeth and bone below the gum line 


Laboratory Services, A Cut Above

What is Special about our Laboratory Services?

Besides being your pet's personal doctor, Dr. Mandell is also a Board Certified expert in Clinical Laboratory Medicine (hematology, cytology, clinical chemistry and microbiology), called "Clinical Pathology." Dr. Mandell and our specially trained staff can perform many tests rapidly and accurately in house! This is particularly important with certain serious conditions. Secondly, our outside laboratory, Idexx, is conveniently located right here in West Sacramento. Our laboratory is equipped with new diagnostic equipment including a blood coagulation analyzer, chemistry and hematology equipment and rapid in house tests for Parvo, Heartworm, Lyme, Giardia, Feline Leukemia and FIV etc.


In House Pharmacy

For your convenience, our pharmacy provides most of the medications that your pet may need. We are also able to make special orders for you and work with compounding pharmacies to provide your pet with good quality affordable medications. Our doctor and trained staff give that personal touch providing detailed instructions on medication administration and any potential side effects. Home delivery is also an option.



Oxygen Therapy
If your pet has a lung (asthma, pneumonia) or heart problem, or having trouble getting enough oxygen, we have a human baby oxygen incubator for smaller pets, and oxygen tents/hoods for larger pets.
Heated Cages
Some of our kennels have heated floors for post-op recovery and hypothermic (cold body temperature) animals.
Cages present in Treatment Area
Cages are strategically placed in the treatment area so that your pet can be easily observed by doctor and staff during their stay.
While we have extended hours, we do not have staff present 24 hrs/ day, 7 days/week. This is a goal of ours some day in the future, however.

Bottle Feeding


Anesthesia and analgesia (lack of consciousness and blocking pain sensation) are needed for surgery, dentistry and other uncomfortable procedures.

Modern anesthetic drugs, patient monitoring, fluid support and the pre-anesthesia blood work are key to lowering anesthetic risk, especially in ill or elderly patients.

We use state of the art equipment and medications to minimize those risks. One trained veterinary team member is dedicated to monitoring the patient and equipment during each anesthesia procedure.

We offer different types of anesthesia depending on the patient, the type and duration of the procedure.

Our goal is to provide a safe and comfortable procedure for your pet.



Veterinary Surgery Surgical procedures are a often a necessary part of your pet's health care plan. Your pet's safety, health and comfort are our highest priority at Jefferson Park Veterinary Clinic. We can trust that your pet will be treated with every kindness and compassion. Our hospital performs a variety of surgical procedures using the latest veterinary surgical techniques such as:
- Spays & Neuters
- Routine Uncomplicated Surgery for Cesaerian section, Lacerations (deep cuts), Abscesses (deep infections), Growth removals and biopsies, Some routine abdominal surgeries.
For Complex Surgical Procedures, such as orthopedic (bones), abdominal or thoracic (chest) surgery, one of our trusted Board Certified Veterinary Surgeons will come to our hospital to perform.



Our new Quantum X-ray machine produces high quality Radiographs (X-ray films) to provide valuable information about your pet's bones and internal organs. X-rays can be used alone or in combination withUltrasound or other tools to help diagnose your pet's condition.

x-ray machine


We can perform ultrasound exams in-house using our new ultrasound unit. For more complicated cases, we can call upon our Board Certified Radiologists to visit our practice to perform ultrasound examinations and consult with us on your pet's condition.


Visiting Specialists

Board Certified Surgeons
Should there be a need for a more specialized or technical surgical procedure, such as orthopedic surgery, we have arrangements with one of the many expert Board-Certified Surgeons in the area to consult at our practice. He or she will bring any specialized equipment needed and perform your pet's surgery at our hospital where our staff will deliver post-operative care.
Board Certified Radiologists
In the Sacramento area, we are very lucky to have 4 superb Board-Certified Radiologists that travel to local practices.
Ultrasound Examinations
Our radiologists perform Ultrasound Examinations of the heart, abdomen or external tissues. They can also perform fine needle aspiration of any problem areas with ultrasound visualization so that a rapid diagnosis can be obtained.
Radiograph Interpretation
Radiographs are regularly sent to our specialists to provide expert interpretation of X-ray films taken on your pet

Behavior Counseling

Good behavior starts the first day you spend with your puppy or kitten. Consistency is an important factor when training your new pet. Our staff can provide training information to get you and your pet started out on the right "paw".

Some behavioral issues can be frustrating for families and for pets. Our doctor and staff can work closely with you to try to evaluate, resolve or manage behavioral issues. Hopefully, this process will strengthen the bond you have with your pet and improve the quality of life for the entire family.

We can also make referral to a veterinary behavior specialist, if needed.


End of Life Support

Needing to have your pet euthanized ("put to sleep") is one of the most difficult decisions a pet owner ever has to make. We can help guide and support you in your decision. We will strive to make the experience as caring, comfortable and meaningful as possible for you and your pet.

Medical Boarding

Some pets with special medical needs may not be able to board at regular boarding facilities .If your pet requires medication and monitoring while you are away, we will be happy to have your small dog or cat board with us. Two kitty condos are also available.

Please contact us to discuss our various options and reserve a space. Your pet's vaccination, heartworm and flea control history will be evaluated when you make your reservation.

Medical Boarding

Body Block

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